High performance components for BMX RACING

The crankset is a key component in BMX Racing, it has to transmit the power from rider’s leg to the wheel on the start. It has to be as stiff as possible to provide high reactivity and huge acceleration. It has to be light to increase the nervosity of the ride. And of course it has to resist during the toughest races supporting the pilot to reach his highest level.

Beringer Bicycle exclusive technology

Combining aerospace technology with the bicycle world, gave birth to the Beringer Bicycle crankset that offers the most stiffness. CNC machining allows to manufacture the perfect aluminium hollow cranks.

Lots of customizing options

Each rider can choose among the many colors and engraving options available for the Beringer Bicycle crankset.

Adjusted steel spindle designed to perform

The hollow aluminium crank is undeniably an asset for the lightness and stiffness of the crankset. In this same logic, the steel spindle with 5-sides fixing has been designed to offer the best resistance and real last in time. Its design allows a simple assembly with the adjustment screw, and a solid hold thanks to axial clamping, thus eliminating any mechanical play.

Choose your color

Anodizing in orange, blue, red, green, purple, chrome, gold, grey titanium, hard nickel, chrome and silver…

100% made in France

Our products are designed and manufactured in France to ensure the best quality

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